Saturday, July 21, 2012

This place is not my home

The other day, as I was coming back from a walk, I was thinking about the next house inspection and all that comes with renting a place to live instead of buying and living in our own home.

I thought about the fact that we have house inspections every three months and although I know we look after the place well, I am always stressed that somehow, the inspector will find something to complain about and I often worry about losing where we live.

I thought about the fact that renting means I can't put pictures up because we cannot put picture hooks in the walls. We can't have a dog, which I would love, because pets are not allowed.

In a way, I feel like we can't put down roots in this place.

I asked God if we'd ever own our own home and the answer I got was a 'no' - maybe that was a 'no for now' or a 'no, not ever'. I certainly can't see how it could be possible anyway, but then I'm not God.

As I thought about these things, God reminded me that earth is not my home. This house, a wonderful provision from God, where we live, is not my home. Heaven is home. We are just passing through this place..

I think that through the circumstances in which we live right now, God is showing me that it's okay for things to feel temporary or even a little unstable - in fact, it may be how I should feel. If I get too comfortable here, perhaps I will neglect the call that God has on our lives to 'go and make disciples' (Matt 28.19). Perhaps I will be so comfortable that I won't 'set my heart on things above' (Col 3.2)...

Right now, I run to God for stability and know that I have a permanent home in heaven. And that is enough.

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